Monday, 31 January 2011

I Just Lost My Virginity

For real.
Holy shit. :|
My ass virginity I should specify.
Oh my god.
On a high!
It was with a random guy as well. Completley impulsive. He sent me an email. I said yes. He picked me up, went back to his, had a really fucking steamy and horny session. And he really REALLY likes me. I liked it A LOT.
It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, and we went at it pretty rough when we got a rhytmn going. Wow.
I'll probably regret it because it wasn't with someone special. But I'll find that out later.
Some of you will be disappointed in me probably, that's understandable but I had a fucking awesome time and will be meeting him again, definitley.
Wow. I'm shocked at myself!
I'll take a breather and then post a more succinct post. Much love dudes.

I Would

Thought about being a moany little procrastinating bitch on this post and then thought better of it lol
I'm just bored cos I've not had any good head since early December and my loins are burning with desire!
2 more weeks and then I'm meeting Relationshippy guy again for a good long session.
I actually do like this guy a lot. I mean I like spending time with him in a non-sexual way as well. He's such a babe. I mean, he made me a bacon sandwich the night after I first stayed over. That just won my heart right over lol
But in all seriousness, if I was out, I wouldn't feel bad or ashamed about going official with him. He's lovely.
And what I feel like I have with him is nice and lovely too. I mean, why throw something away that clearly works? Can't wait to see him. Although he makes me feel like a lovesick heroine from some shitty romcom lol
Peace out dudes, much love xx

Sunday, 30 January 2011


11 flavoured ones and 11 normal ones. And one glow in the dark one! But I'm giving that one to a friend who loves them hah.
Maybe I should set myself a challenge while on a night out of how many flavoured ones I can go through, 1 per blowjob on clubbers hah!
Not quite sure I'm ready for 11 cocks ramming my ass though haha so I'll use them more sparingly hopefully!

< This isn't normal. Surely to God! It looks like cream cheese...

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Going Commando

is just the best feeling ever. Letting the boys hang free and loose. Awesome feeling. Definitley doing more often. Don't know why I don't hah
Hope you all have a good weekend mon amies!

Friday, 28 January 2011


I love my dick just as much as anyone else. It's beautiful. I don't give a shit if that's vain. I love the way my foreskin comes all the way down when I'm mega turned and I love how I have a massive helmet head which drives guys fucking crazy. A couple of extra inches would make. no. fucking difference. I get head just as much as the next bloke and I have had no complaints about the size of my dick. Any size queens out there who feel like some hatin', take it and stick it up your own arse cos that's the exactly the place where my cock AINT gonna be. Your loss sugarpie.
P.s. no. I'm not posting a picture of it because I want to maintain the element of secrey about me on this blog. Here is another 5 inch cock. Unfortunatley it will never be as beautiful as the true article that is mine. Enjoy ;)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Brain Is Melting

Sorry for the lack of posts today bros; got massive exams on tomorrow and Monday so i'm cramming like crazy.
Not got much to talk about on the gay side of things anyway apart from I WANT SOME LOVE. But I'll talk more about that tomorrow. Forgive me dudes, love you still <3 lol

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More Costumes

Kings of gay costumes - couldn't forget these guys.
Get your Jolly Rodger out. NOW. Arrrrr....
LOL. Sorry but who doesn't want to get fucked by Santa? Or is this just me. :|
Closest I could find to gay caveman. Disappointing really. Niche in the market here for someone!
Sportsmen in general. Phwoar.
Businessmen. VERY sexy IMO.
Running out of ideas now lol. Peace out bros. x

Costume Fetish?

A little creeped out by the doctor fantasy if I'm honest. But still gives me a boner.

Military. So taboo still but soooo right.

Not sure how anyone could NOT find this hot. I'll find more later. Inabizzle dudes.


Bulges are just the sexiest fucking thing ever, aren't they?
I'm sure every guy does this, but you check other guy's packages out ALL the time. I know I sure as hell do; it's sexy to guess what they might be restraining beneath their boxers right?!
That's the best part of play, when you've got them down to their underwear and you can see that their cock is begging to be released from it's prison I'm really horny now haha. That's why at that point I usually just rip 'em off and give it a good ol' sucking. ROCK ON COCK.

This guy may just be the hottest I've seen. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING SMIRK! AH WANT HIM NOW.
Seriously horny now, gonna go whack off in the shower. Peace out dudes.x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The ever-running debate: does size matter?
Here's me tackling the issue.
1) If you're straight, why do you give a fuck how big other guy's dicks are? You're not gonna be stealing it if it's bigger than yours, so get over the competition.
2) If you're massive, good for you. Don't be a twat and get it out constantly and make the little guys feel like shit. Empathise man.
3) If you're small, well, not much you can do it about. Like people say, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it. I'm just 5 inches and I've had no complaints from people. I hate having a so-called "small" cock, I want a bigger dick, but nothing to be done about it. Ignore the size queens and don't watch as much porn; porn portrays a far too unrealistic portrayal of sex and genitals in general. Get out there and observe cocks for yourself. I was surprised by the amount of "ugly" penis I saw on guys, until i realised that they were actually normal, and the porn ones were the freakish ones. P.S. do you have any idea how hard it is to find pictures of so-called "small" penises on the Internet? Take a trip to Google and see for yourself. We're all obessed with schlongs!

Okay, I admit it; a nice big thick penis is brilliant to look at. They look fantastic, manly, virile, sexy etc etc all that. But practically, from what I've heard, they are no good. They hurt a shitload, you choke far too many times, it's impossible to give a good blowjob or handjob because of their size. Most people prefer an average sized one. I personally don't really care. I admit though, a nice plump head and a girthy penis is very sexy; thin penis don't do it for me; but other than that, average is more than ok for me.

Besides, I think a lot of the time we miss the vital point; we all love cock. If size matters that much, you clearly don't love it as much as the rest of us do, so more cock for the rest of us! Get cock-crunching bros! 

Monday, 24 January 2011


"Miss you xxx"
Guess who...Relationshippy guy. This isn't normal cruising regulations is it.
Trouble is I want to text back the same thing. Cos I do a little bit. Not like OMG I LOVE YOU way, but just wanna meet up again sometime.
Ugh. Mess.

Maketh The Man

<- Beast. I would anytime, though that's obvious by my posting him here lol.
Either he's got a REALLY short body, or his dick is MASSIVE. Let's hope for the latter.
Was thinking earlier, what makes a man, a man? I mean in my Western society; I have no idea about in other cultures, it's probably different.
But in my social world; he plays sports, he plays poker, drinks beer, not spirits, he gets off with his girl in public for all to see, showcasing his pure virility. Half of it is pure bravado and cock+bull. I'm pretty much the opposite; never been a sporting person, don't play poker often, will drink beer occassionally, prefer other stuff e.g. spirits and I'm more reserved with my PDA'S. Does it make me any less of a man than that other guy? Why should it, when I have the balls to meet up with other blokes and exhibit my feelings to them, when that other straight guy wouldn't know the first thing about and would shit his pants first sign of gay objectives. Just a thought.
Nothing's prompted this thought btw, was just thinking about the male construct and whatever, this is what my mind came up with the 3 minutes I wrote this post.
P.s. if anyone has this guy's email address, send it me. pronto. much love amigos!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Oh God

Just came back from a meet. Came so close to fucking someone; luckily he'd cum before I impulsivley suggested "Fuck me."
Well, I kinda did half fuck him. He was really tight and I was having trouble getting it in, all the time thinking "what the hell am i doing? stop it!", so I was inside him for about 1 second for pulling out and ripping the condom off and saying "this isn't working".
But! There has been some use out of this meet. I was dominant (ish)! He was wanking and I was fingering him quite brutally, but he loved it, and then for some reason, I leaned over and started whispering things in his ear like "Imagine it's my big fat dick pumping in and out of you, in and out, in and out..." and I was fingering him in time with these words and he loved it! He moaned when I started saying stuff so I said "You fucking love it don't you?" and he whimpered and then came all over himself. I was well proud of myself.
My turn then. I laid down and started wanking and he was twiddling my nipples (no point really, my nipples really don't get me off) so I told him to finger me instead. He must have been inexperienced cos he just went straight in. No wiggling to tease, just straight in, with a sharp fingernail. OW motherfucker CUT THEM. Jesus. Never let someone with uncut fingernails finger you. And I'm wanking away while he does this...still wanking...and I can't cum. No idea why. This has never happened before. I wasn't turned on enough. He was very average looking, with a triangular uber foreskinned dick like the first guy I met, so that was a put off. He noticed I wasn't going anywhere and gave up. Got dressed, had some water, cleaned my ass with a tissue and got a taxi home.
So: what I learnt from this meet:-
1) I can be dominant when I want to be! (WOOOOO)
2) Cut your nails before fingering someone, or make THEM cut their nails before fingering you
3) Don't let impulse drive my mouth! (This I already knew but I need to work on it.)
Now I need to get some food, I'm fucking starving. Peace out bros xx

Friday, 21 January 2011

I Just Don't Know

The whole bukkake thing suggests an inherent need to be dominated. And this annoys me. I don't want to be a bottom! I've got nothing against bottoms, but, I don't know, when it comes to me taking on the role of a bottom, it feels like weakness. Don't ask me why, I don't know why, but I don't like backing down; I'm a stubborn fucker and so being the passive party isn't natural to me. But the bottom situations turn me on SO much! I know I'm not a natural full-on top either, mainly cos I don't have the dick for it, nor am I mega-domineering. I'm thinking I'm either gonna get classified as versatile or a power bottom. Not sure, what do you guys reckon?


I really want to be in a bukkake. REALLY badly. Ever since I passed up that oppurtunity to be in that gangbang, I've been really annoyed that I missed out.
No idea why I want this. Thinking about it, 10 guys worth of cum all over me sounds gross...but then I find that really fucking horny. Love it. Add that to me extending list of fantasies then lol

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Fisting scares the FUCK out of me. Hence why there's no picture of it. I'm that scared. haha. It looks so fucking painful! Can you enlighten me on this topic; how much does it hurt, do you get pleasure out of it, will it not make you really slack, does it require training etc etc? I've literally no idea.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Scott and Little Scottie over at Str8jocktalking fixed the link so now I have people at least vaguely interested looking at the blog; to you, all, HELLO!
Now, let's talk about the butt-plug experience. WOW.
I met up again with the guy from my post "BABE" and asked him whether he had any toys we could fiddle with. We'd already done making out and blowjobs but neither of us had cum yet so, I said let's crack the buttplug out. So he goes under his bed and pulls out his box of sex toys. I laughed, hard (total cliche, box under his bed lol) and he gets his buttplug out. The room was fairly dark so I have no idea how big it was (nothing like in the photo, christ almighty hah). I would have estimated at about 5/6 inches? It had a base on the end, and a place where your ass muscles could cinch on, keeping it in place. So he lubed up my hole and the toy, then slowly slid it in. First time a guy has ever put anything up my ass. Seriously hot. He's asking whether I'm ok and such, I totally am. It feels foreign of course at first, with a bit of uncomfortableness, but that subsides when it stops moving. And then he says "Do you want the vibration on or not?" ...DO I EVER! PUT IT ON!!! There's 3 levels of vibration apparently; slow, medium, fucking batshit crazy fast. 5 seconds after cranking up to fucking batshit crazy, I'd cum all over myself. The most I've ever cum in my life, literally, my stomach and chest was coated. I was beating away furiously and I could feel this buttplug he was wiggling about inside me hitting my prostate, or something erotic anyway. I was fucking knackered afterwards. Brilliant. Definitley doing that again. Building myself up to a real dick. Not long now I don't think, I have a feeling lol

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Next experience was with an early 20 something y.o old guy. He wore trackies and had a diamante stud in his ear. Alarm bells sounded when he pulled up in his car CHAVCHAVCHAVVVVV Here's what chav means (I think it's a very Brit term):- "Picture this a young lad about 12 years of age and 4 ½ feet high baseball cap at ninety degrees in a imitation addidas tracksuit, with trouser legs tucked into his socks (of course, is definitely the height of fashion). This lad is strutting around, fag in one hand jewellery al over the over, outside McDonalds acting as if he is 8 foot tall and built like a rugby player, when some poor unsuspecting adult (about 17/18) walks round the corner wanting to go to mcdonalds for his dinner glances at the young lad, the young lad jumps up in complete disgust and says “Whats your problem? Wanna make sommin of it? Bling Bling” when the adult starts to walk towards the young lad, the young lad pisses himself and runs off to either his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend or his brother in the army crying his eyes out." - Urbandictionary
HAH. This really made me laugh, had to go into the post lol. He wasn't twelve, but you can imagine what he was like. Although, one thing was different, this guy WAS built like a rugby player, massive shoulders, chest, the lot. He drops his pants when we're inside the bedroom. JESUS. It was like, to quote Janice Dickinson, an Evian Bottle fell out of his trousers. Not even kidding, it was like a fucking salami. And then he says, laughing looking at my face, "I'm not even that hard yet."
...Right mate. Fucking hell haha. So the usual happens, we make out after turning the lights out (it was one of his first experiences, he wasn't totally at ease), and he proper goes down on me like a trooper, a real vigorous blowjob, maybe too strong. I pull him off cos I wanna get on this meat stick and conquer it. So I kneel down and start sucking him off, and he's dripping pre-cum. He tastes dead nice so I get my tongue under his foreskin and peel it back gently, following my hand down with my mouth, until he's all the way down my throat. He's the biggest I've had so far. I managed to get him past my gag reflex so it was not too bad, so I did that for a while and then he lies on the bed while I do it. We alternate roles for a bit and then i say "I'm gonna cum" and he proper goes for it, deepthroating, the whole sha-bam and I shoot my load deep down him and he takes it all and swallows. Good man. My turn now, he lies back on the bed, stroking himself, I give him a good wet blowjob, he's big enough to wank himself while I tickle his head with my tongue so we do that until he shoots. Most goes on my face. So I get a towel and wipe ourselves down, and then he leaves. Definitley considering meeting him again, just because he's fairly inexperienced like me, and it's nice to be on a level playing field with someone for once. For a chav he wasn't that skanky! Very clean and fit. Good meet, 2nd best so far. (Number 1 to come soon...)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Keeping Up Appearances

Even though I've lost pretty much all my old audience flowing in from Scott's blog, I'm still posting until he resolves the problem just so the blog doesn't stagnate. So let's talk about...
Some hate it, some love it. I'm a lover of it. Not masses of it, and sorry fellas, but back hair just makes me go soft. Get it waxed mate hah. Look back through the pictures and all the hairy guys I've posted and you should get an idea of what I like haha.
As for pubes, I don't mind them too much when going down on a guy, as long as they're kept in order you know? I want to be able to breathe through my nose even if I'm gagging on your cock! I usually trim mine in order to maintain a healthy working environment down there, I expect the same lol. What about you guys? What's your ideal? Each to their own :)

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Now the link from Str8jocktalking doesn't work since I changed the name, I'm not being seen at all now. By anyone. Well this is depressing. Still, the show must go on, and hopefully this will be remedied after the weekend :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

New Name!

It's much more appropriate methinks. Here's some celebratory porn for you all! Have a top weekend!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Uh Oh

This reminds of 90's TOTP. No idea why.
Thinking of a new name for the blog, and then I realised it's an issue of how I label myself, which then dicates the blog name. Uh oh. Labels = disaster zone. Loads of people disapprove of them and reject them totally, which is fair enough, and sure, they make things easier but also a lot more black and white in this very grey, blurred world. Causing friction. Hmmmmmm.
SO...I'm still no closer to finding a good name for the blog. A commenter, Rex, suggested "Bye Bi" which is piquing my interest. So that's a definite maybe.
But another thing he said was that I wouldn't attract straight guys to hook up with through the blog if I changed the name; to be honest, that never was the intention of the blog in the first place, it's just a diary of all my shite for you all to peruse through. Never really thought about what sort of audience it would bring, and certainley never thought of it bringing me more men to the door. I don't know. Bit of a nothing post this. In dull news, had 2 exams now and they've gone fairly well. 2 down, 6 to go. :) Hope you're all alright guys, adieu.x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Few nights back, just lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. This thought just flew out of nowhere "I'm gay and I know it." And I took it really well. And why the hell not? I've lived with it for like 3 years already but now I'll just be looking at it with a different slant.
Still a little perplexed because the thought of sex with women doesn't disgust me; it can be mega hot in some cases. But everything I do relationship wise and sexually, I always throw back to men, suggesting they are my first port-of-call. I would marry a woman, but it'd have to be someone incredibly special and who knows every aspect of me inside out.
I'd call this a coming-out to you guys but you already know half of the tale lol!

Next decision is whether I should change the blog name or not... I shall ponder on it hah :)
Later guys, thoughts to the people in Australia with the floods. Much love and stay safe x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Remember the hot teacher I was talking about a few posts ago? The arrogant one? Yeah he's in a relationship with an ex-pupil. They apparently had "relations" while he was still teaching her as well! Crazy times. Makes me insanely jealous, but oddly hopeful. haha
Insane. That's the goss for today. Now for revision. Sorry this is short, maybe another post later if you're lucky. :D

Monday, 10 January 2011


Posts are gonna slack for a while cos of exam modules (hopefully I'll pull my finger out my arse and do some work, and then upload some stuff for you guys) but this IS NOT THE END. Until next time mon amies.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


So this post is about the next guy I met up with after the gross guy. And not a pig as the title might suggest (Calm down, I know I'm witty right. ;D )
Met this guy the same way I met the other, on the web, same site too.
Texted each other for a few days before I suggested a meet at his place which he agreed to. Picked me up in his car outside the tram station, he looks quite young, bit of the large side but not obese by any stretch, just extra padding. Good fashion sense. And a slight camp timbre in his voice. This really doesn't turn me on, it drives me nuts when I see a camp guy lording it up everywhere. I get that you're out and you're perfectly entitled to show it to everyone and be proud, but you don't help the stereotypes you know?
But I can actually have a conversation with him which is a first. We have a nice chat on the way back to his and learn some more about him; he's a fashion designer (typical some of you might say hah) and I could tell. His clothes were immaculate. So I get to his and ask whether I could have a shower, he says yeah. So my plan begins!
I leave the door slightly ajar and get undressed, turn on the water and get under and start scrubbing, sexily, just in case he takes a hint and walks in. I'm in there for about ten minutes...nothing. Time to change tactics. I hop out and towel down a little bit and then walk out naked into his living room patting my hair with the towel. My erection is massive at this point and I'm leaking precum I'm that horny. He takes one look at me and goes "Quick get back! They'll see you out the window!" Then I realise I'm stood in front of a massive balcony window in which 20 houses could have just seen me nude as a baby. Great. So he grabs my waist and shuffles me back into his room and then he gives me that look that we all get which basically means "Let's go"
So we start making out and he's wanking me off gently while we do and then he pushes me back on the bed and goes down on me. Boy does he give a mean blowjob! So I pull him off and reciprocate, and we go back and forth like this for about an hour. Then he rims me. First time I've ever been rimmed and I loved it! Odd, and strange at first, but then the pleasure just washed over in waves and it was amazing. I don't reciprocate cos I'm just not ready for eating a guy's arse just yet. Don't know why. So then we go back down on each other and my cock is getting seriously tender. I'm really REALLY sensitive down there so when he does down on me, there was the pleasure but it was so overpowering it was like pain in a way so I have to tell him to pull. We're making out furiously and touching each other everywhere and then he fingers me while I jack off. It doesn't take long, my cock spat out cum all over my chest and some shot past my face and hit the sheets behind me. I quickly wipe myself with a towel and then go back down on him trying to give him the blowjob of his life. He loved it when I did a corkscrew sort of method where I deepthroated it while twisting it one way and then came back up while twisting the other way. So we're doing that for a while and then he starts wanking it himself while I tickle his head with my tongue and then he starts shooting. And he actually tastes sweet which was a first for me, so I try and catch as much as possible. And then we're both pretty much spent so we lie there for a while making out.
This is where it takes a turn for the unexpected. We go in the front room and watch X-Factor with some drink. I was thinking "Hmmm this isn't normal, quite relationshippy this is." but I ran with it, because we were still making out for half of it and groping each other. At some point during the proceedings, we went back to passion and returned to the bedroom for another session. Then we fell asleep and I stayed over. He took me back to the station the next day and we agreed to meet again. We did as you'll find out at a later date. :D

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Something Different

I have never seen a black man naked in real life. And this annoys me. It probably doesn't help that the area I live in is not very diverse culturally, ethnically or anything-wise so I've not had much oppurtunity; even when I went to Africa I didn't see any (though I'd have been arrested for doing anything of the gay nature over there which was a VERY scary thought).
But I've been talking to this black guy who seems really down to earth, a top which is what I'm after really, never been totally dominated before. So watch this space for some news on him, I'm gonna attempt a hook-up at some point...

Friday, 7 January 2011


I feel I was a bit harsh on the previous post in my description of this guy's foreskin, but he was just GROSS. Exaggeration is a talent of mine hah
Generally, I love foreskins; got one myself and can't imagine life without one. Sure it'd make cleaning easier and through association, less infections etc, but aside from that, what other advantages are there? Can't imagine being cut. I've been with a cut guy, and I have to say I prefer foreskins, they make things much more fun in my view, more to play with lol
I'd love to try cock docking sometime with someone, only problem is my foreskin pulls back completley when I'm aroused, so I couldn't be the docker, I'd have to be the dockee (if that makes sense lol)
so that's my next sexual adventure mission, do some docking. I can imagine it to be MEGA unhygience though (is it? i'm not sure?) so I'd have to find a clean freak. No problem. Mission - SET.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Meeting In The Woods

This commences the "adult sex" phase I've been talking about. And yes, it was with a 48 year old guy. Sorry if this grosses people out but it's what happened and I may as well tell it as it is. I'm not proud of it but here we go anyway.
It was fairly recent. Around Mid October, before Halloween at any rate, and I'd signed up to a gay cruising site, put some photos on, the usual rigmoral. Got an email from this bloke who was interested and who could travel to meet me. I suggested this place in some woods nearby where I live. In hindsight, yeah it was dangerous, he could have knocked me out and taken me in his van and no one would have known but it didn't happen. Met him, and he was...pretty disgusting if I'm honest. A bear type, which I'm usually REALLY into, but he smelt stale and a shite kisser.
First thing he did when we got under the cover of the woods was start making out with me and grab my dick (which really made me jump, this was my first time meeting up with someone and for him to be that forward was crazy at first, i know now that it's normal lol)Gave an average blowjob, I gave him a brilliant one. His dick was one of those triangular shaped one where the head is thinner than the shaft and I don't think it was over 4 inches. I'm not a size queen by the way, there's nice penises, and ugly dicks; he had an ugly one. His foreksin completley covered it as well which was really odd, so it was like sucking on a baby carrot covered with elastic. Bizarre. He fingered me as well a bit brutally, but no way was I gonna let him fuck me, and I didn't want to put myself in him  either, so we packed up and left when we'd both cum.
Got home and felt very proud of myself at the time; I'd finally got the balls to meet up someone and it was a mega rush. In retrospect, I should regret meeting up with such a skank for my first meet, but I'm not the kind of person that indulges in self-pity and regret. It's a waste of energy and people who do it infuriate me; what's done is done and you can't change it. So I'm a bit nonplussed about it now; if it wasn't him I met up with first, it would have been some other skanky bastard after a blowjob so whatever.
However, one thing I do regret doing with this guy is giving him my number. :| He texts me CONSTANTLY and I'm like "Mate, sorry I'm really not interested in meeting again, just leave it yeah?" and he replies with" Ok thenxx" so I think it's over; 2 days later, another text "HEY FANCY MEETING SOON?. XX"
Next encounter is RelationshipMan. STAY TUNED. xo

Sincerest Apologies

It's exam time for me starting next week so I'm cramming for all my subjects, meaning less posts than normal. But I'll do my best to keep it as fluid as possible, I just don't want to run out of interesting material before I've even started haha

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Online Escapades

Now, because today has been obscenely dull and I have absolutley nothing to say (that's a first), I may as well give some background on the transition between what I like to call the "youth experimentation" stage, and the "adult" sex experiences.
Between my last "youth experimentation" incident, and my first adult gay experience, I was on quite a few gay dating/hook-up/cruising sites. Surprisingly easy to get onto even if you aren't 18. I talked to people quite a lot, didn't pick up any info I didn't already know. There was one guy who I talked to quite a lot, and we got on really well. He was dead sweet, and I was really naive and innocent back then so didn't suspect anything. For a while, he still thought I was 18, but he wasn't surprised when I told him my real age (15 I think at the time). We still kept talking and after about 6 months of chatting, I asked him to come meet up with me to begin the physical side of the relationship. (That's the odd thing, it was quite relationshippy, it wasn't dirtytalking all the time, we had good conversation and stuff). Anyway, he agreed and we organised a date. My best mate who I tell practically everything too knew about it, scared me out of meeting him. The usual lines about "OMG HE KNOWS YOUR 15 AND HE'S STILL MEETING YOU?! HE'S A FUCKING PAEDO, GET AWAY FROM HIM! SERIOUSLY, I'M REALLY WORRIED..." etc etc. She succeeded and I texted him to tell him I couldn't meet him, and asked him to delete my number. We didn't speak again until after I met up with a couple of guys and had some more experience. I managed to get back in touch with him about 6 months ago, and he said he'd still been thinking about me sometimes and we resumed texting. He'd definitley changed. He was a stoner now, conversation between us was pretty dull, but I still organised a meet in the city centre. We both showed up this time and we went for coffee and wandered around, but it was awkward. He was paralysingly shy, like a clam, and I found it MEGA difficult to initiate any form of conversation. Torturous few hours. I made an excuse to leave and we parted. Didn't speak again until a couple of months ago when we started texting again, but he's since stopped replying to me. Probably for the best really. It wasn't going anywhere and he's realised it.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

End of Phase 1

And that experience concludes what I refer to as my "childish" experiences. I wouldn't have a sexual experience with a man until October 2010, with a 48 year old man (cue shocked faces). But that's for another time fellas. Here's some porn!