Saturday, 26 April 2014 a new place.

Well this is familiar!

Hello to any poor souls who may still be following - here I am again!
I've just gone through a break-up - before anybody goes thinking I'm going to be blubbing all over the place...not gonna happen! - and I wanted to restart this blog. In all honesty, I'm really quite proud of it - I'm not proud of the things I've documented within it, but the fact I have done, and it's still here to remind me of those times and how far I've come is important to me. And I want to get back involved with this community! I've missed you guys, and the online blogging world, so here I am again.

However, it's not going to be on Blogspot.
The format just doesn't work for me anymore and, to be honest, I find the aesthetic of Tumblr much nicer and easier to use. I'll be sad to lose the comment section of Blogger, but i'll include an ask box for you guys to use if you wish to, and reblogging is always a way to comment too.

So a new life for this blog is starting over at:

and I would love it if you want to join the party over there. I'll be posting pictures that I find that I think are fucking cute, writing some opinion posts, and generally informing you about my love/sex life alongside some sexual fantasies (what else is the Internet for?)

please feel free to comment etc, but this is most likely going to be the last post of Homoflexible Life's Blogger profile, so come on over and join the party on Tumblr, if that floats your boat.

Would love to see you guys there,

signing out, with love and lust,

Joey x