Friday, 31 December 2010


I hope you all have a bloody fantastic New Year! Actually. We all deserve. Get down and suck cock. SEE YOU IN 2011 MON AMIES! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Had about 14 cocktails last night, and I don't feel the slightest bit rough! Well impressed with my liver right now haha! Also, you know when you're a really good mood to be drinking, so you're on a high for the whole night, telling people you love them etc? Yeah, that was me. The whole night. Haha wicked night!
Hope you all have a great night tonight guys, 2011 will be better! (how cliche) haha

Thursday, 30 December 2010

First Experience

Feels like the right kind of time to tell you about what sort of experience I've had in the area of homo/bisexuality. My best mate is convinced that I've done more than most bi/gay guys my age but I started quite early, had a long break from anything and then had a great spurge of activty within the past 6 months which I've again taken a break from for my own peace of mind (another story, later). Let's start simple and be chronological.
SO. My first experience with a bloke.
I was in Year 8 I think (8th grade to other educational equivalents I think) and yes, I know, quite young. I don't know why it happened. It was with the kid next door as well; he was a year younger than me, but at that age it made no difference really. I was being bullied at school, and essentially had no mates, and he next door was quite simple (no offence to him, but he was quite dim) and so making friends with him in our isolated homestead was easy. We used to spend a load of time with each other during holidays and weekends, running around and shit like kids do, occassionally sleep overs. I don't know at what point we started doing stuff, but the one vivid time I remember is when we were camping out in the shed with a TV and sleeping bags.
It arose from dares I think, as these things usually do. I think we dared each other to go running naked in the field bordering my garden which we did and then we just kinda stared at each other's dicks, just examining them. And then, I don't know what came over me, all I remember is that at that point, I hadn't been able to cum properly, just dry cums. I went over and touched him I think, asked him whether he liked it and stuff. He was really out of his comfort zone and told me to stop when I was halfway through sucking him off. He tried sucking me off for a few seconds but it was one of those blowjobs where they just hold your cock in their mouth. Rubbish. I rubbed my dick against his arsehole as well but he didn't like that either, didn't get to fucking. I think he got upset or annoyed at that point and decided to go to sleep so I did the same. Next morning was...awkward to say the least. Didn't see him for a few days until he came back to pick something up he'd forgotten. I said "Hey, sorry if I kinda traumatized you the other night, didn't mean to"
He replied with a kind of nod and smile suggesting he actually was. I felt awful so stayed away for a while. We picked up sleepovers again after a while, at which we tried the same things again; we showered together at one point as well, we made out, we ate food off each other. It was a bit odd, just experimental shit really. And then when he realised that what we were doing was "gay", he had a go at me and didn't speak to me after that. This took place over 2 years I think, and I had a couple of experiences in between then which I'll get to some other time. Sorry for this being a long post but I needed to note this down somewhere.


Going to a posh party tonight. And I'm gonna look 3000% fuckable, I'm determined.
Alright it's only smart casual, but I'm gonna make an effort to be stunning. Before getting leathered and then making a complete fool of myself, which is usually the agenda for a party. Fabulous. Anyone else partying tonight, have a good one!

Bloody Nora

So, I'm away for 24 hours and then the blog viewers suddenly spike! Typical. Anyway, thanks for reading guys, least I know my life isn't as boring as I thought haha.
Had me a good time yesterday, went shopping, spent a shitload of vouchers and got some awesome boots and a coat, I look SUAAAAVEEE. Anyway, here's some more porn!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I'm away for the day tomorrow so no posts, so here's some porn to keep you going while I'm gone :)


Right, seriously, God has a vendetta against to make me go to this thing, but I am resisting again. Just read this!
Im at the house in (nearby town) bit of a gang bang starting arout 7pm 3 other lads cumming. according to  ur ip addess you are close by, well 10 mile radius anyway. so you are not in Scotland then...are you gonna join us you dont have to fuk if your not into that stuff m8. cum on ill look after you and (name) says you can stay the night. he seemd like a really sound guy. just been showing him ur video and pics on (site i'm on) lol. the othe lads look nice as well on 24 28 32. off to (country) with some old army mates tomorrow so wont be able to meet for a while.
The fact that he knows my IP address worries the fuck out of me. :| Can anyone explain this to me, he can't out where the fuck I live can he?
God help me, I've said no again. But jesus, this sounds HOT.

I Gotta Feeling

tonight's gonna be a good night yada yada yah
But I AM out for curry with some friends so I am quite pumped for it which is unusual.
All in all, today has been quite unsuccessful in my goals
Number of hours of revision: 0
Number of wanks: 0
Number of bowls of Coco Rocks: 4
Number of hours of TV most probably watched: 6
I lead a sad life as you can probably tell haha
Also planning to lead the Boring Federation Front Army tonight by having plain ol' korma. Go me!


I resisted temptation last night, BIG TIME.
This is a throwback to the 3some incident that never occured, so read back a few posts if you're really interested but it's probably not as exciting as I'm making out. I'm just proud I resisted temptation like this:-
The two guys sent me an email asking me to join this threesome. Again. Even though THEY were the ones that said "No! Family and friends first" etc etc. So I replayed this back to them and then I got this which instantly brought a picture of a snake in an apple tree, or a Devil sitting on my shoulder to mind.
"im only available tomorrow. you were gonna let em down lol. cum on dont go soft on me its a 3some for fuk sake. cum on boi" (this sounded really evil and demonic in my mind =| plus I HATE being called "boi" or any derivative of that. grrrrrrr)
 My god I was torn at first. I was horny and that side of me was thinking "A THREESOME. YOUR SECOND CHANCE AT IT! GET IT, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE", and then the more rational side was saying "Nah man, get over it, you'll have plently of chances for a 3some some other time" so I heeded that side and sent them an apologetic rejection.
BOY DID I FEEL GOOD AFTERWARDS. I felt like Jesus or some shit. All holy and pure. This was at 1AM as well after a tipsy night out so I'm even more proud of myself haha



I love this kind of porn; it's like they grabbed guys off the street and asked them to get gay with each other, really natural it seems. Not like the manufactured, preened and pedicured porn-stars of today (not that I'm complaining, I could have it either way though :P)
Got back from a party about an hour ago, had a good laugh, saw my crush *heart-broken sigh*, drunk some beers and ate some beef stew and cake. Top night all in all, hope you had the same.
peace out mudda-rushers xoxo

Monday, 27 December 2010


Haha, had to add this gem of a bloke partying with his cock...tail.
Aside, I've washed my face, hair and dick, and I'M READY TO GO OUT.
All with a kettle full of hot water, and a pitcher of cold water, divided into ingenious segments per body part (the joys of still having no running water). I'm brilliant really hah. Whatever you're doing tonight, I hope you have fun doing it like that chap will!

Home alone...NEW THOUGHT

So I'm on my own for 2 days in a house with no water, on a hill, surrounded by snow, with barely any buses running. So don't be surprised should I just die of hypothermia or starvation. Nahhh I joke, the snow is positivley winter-wonderland-like, but it really needs to melt now, it's just such a pain for transport and everything...
It was at this point in typing this that I realised that all I've done for most of this blog is moan.
Sure it's been a bit of an emotional few days but that's no excuse! I won't get any followers with a whiny blog, so now I'm going to talk about good things like, I've got a best mate's party tonight which I really up for and I intend to get a little sozzled.
ALSO, I have Toy Story 3 on DVD. So life is pretty much complete, what's there to moan about? It's the festive season as well! Silly boy...anyway, hope you're all well and good because I'm certainley getting that way :)
Peace + love mon cherie's xoxoxox


For the last few months, my sex life has consisted of meeting up with random guys, and giving/recieving blowjobs. Brilliant! I hear you say, why not? Well because now I'm ready to move upwards, and get some anal; only thing is, I've never done it before, giving or recieving. And this is when my amazing best mate intervened and told me how it would probably be the biggest regret of my life to lose it to someone to who, I would just be another notch on the bedpost.  I was supposed to meeting this guy tonight to do the deed. He's 28, good looking, a stockbroker, but probably just after a fuck, and although he knows it'd be my first time, he was still talking about "fucking", not "making love", or even just "sex" which is appropriate considering it is just a sex-hook-up, and I'M the one who's not prepared for it.
SO, new plan: I wait until I'm 18 (May), and then I hit the clubs of Manchester, looking for love, and don't damage my first time with some randomer. Good plan?
Any suggestions anyone?

Sunday, 26 December 2010


I'm such a dick. Seriously. I had the chance for a threesome on Tuesday night but I've gone and chucked it out by being an impulsive PRICK. Honestly.
I mean, i'd already planned to go out for a meal with mates, and meet up for some sex with a bloke after that, and I emailed these 2 guys saying how'd I'd cancel all that just to have that threesome. I mean, how sad is that? I'd typed it before I even realised what I'd said though! Is there some kind of sexual impulse/ lust drive disorder that I could be suffering from? This blog is probably testament to it at any rate lol
And now I look like a complete lunatic not only to them, but to you lot! Great!

Boxxxing Day

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas all!

Hope it's been a good one for you all! I know mine was :) 8.00pm over here in England so all of you across the world, still hope you had a top day!

Friday, 24 December 2010


Yeah I have exams in January that I really CBA revising for but here I am...not revising and on Blogger instead trying to gain some followers. When I do something constructive with my life I'll tell y'all.
I aim to have at least one follower by New Year! Positive mental thinking...
I'd pass all my exams if I had HIS tuition.


Should probably tell you this; I'm bi, but not out, so this blog will partialy be an outpouring of lust for the same sex; you'll occassionally see the odd pair of tits etc. but more often than not you'll see dicks and fit arses. Mainly because I can get girls in the real world at the moment, getting males is a bit trickier so I need some form of outlet, and here it is. And you're all very welcome to look at it! :D
What do you want from the New Year? I know I want more freedom, and good luck. It's a big year 2011 for me. What about you???


Please spread this. This is so applicable to so many people around the world right now! FUCK HATE

I hope my Mum gets me these...

Sorry for the cliche but I'm just a lame person.

Effort man...

Just got back from a family visit last night; lots of fizzy shit and trifle. Wicked!  
However! I have no water. Literally none.
Long story short, our water pipes have frozen or the system itself has just imploded on itself like a dick, so I'm currently doing trips to this spring we have nearby to siphon off water to flush the toilets. I feel like bloody Hansel, or some form of homo-erectus (ey ey).
BUT I am still clean (had a shower et al at the famz place) and we have heating still(touch wood). Plus it's BLOODY CHRISTMAS TOMORROW! And what Christmas would be complete without XXXmas porn. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

You might notice...

I have a thing for hairy chests on a bloke.
This is only in for the LOL factor.


Howdy all 0 of my followers (so far... MWUAHAHAA). Well now I look crazy. But hey! I am. So let's skip the foreplay and get down to the nasty. I'm a 17 year-old bisexual male. And the following posts will just be a jumbled collection of random shite until I stumble a little piece of truth to share with y'all. The journey begins...