Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gee Up Cocker

It's what my grandma would say if I was acting slowly. But she has been dead for like 10 years. And she probably never said that. But something similar!
I'm acting slowly over Crushdude. But you all know this! Pfft, old news! My best mate said this also.
Very true. So, I'm home alone on Easter Sunday *sniffle to try and gain sympathy* and talking to her and I suggest that I call Crushdude up and invite him up to mine for a manly walk in the beautiful sunshine. It's a beautiful warm day so I've been half-naked in the garden all day trying to revise and failing miserably.
Anyway I'm getting off-topic rapidly. So we deliberate over what I'm going to ask him and how, me mainly acting like a little bitch saying I CAN'T DO ITTT and she telling me to MAN THE FUCK UP.

So I did and called him. The conversation went something like this:-
Him:- Hello?
Me:- Hey it's me! You busy? No? Good! Come up to mine for a manly walk and a chat, I'm bored shitless, parents have left me alone for a while
Him:- Yeah sure, go for it!
Me:- Really? Wicked! Right then!
Him:- Cool!
*Long pause*
Me:- So are you coming up then haha?
Him:- What? Coming up where?
Me:- To mine!
Him:- When?!
Me:- Now!
Him:- What?! I thought you said you wanted a chat, not for me to come up!
*oh for fucks sake*
Me:- Oh you daft git, no, so are you coming up then?
Him:- Nah man, I've got my grandparents around and shit for Easter sunday
Me:- Aaah I thought you might have. Alright then, but you owe me!
Him:- Haha, sure thing dude, see you in a bit

 So I've spent the rest of my day thinking about this fucker. I hate him for how he makes me feel! What a jeb-end. Ehhh dear. Now I'm gonna go hunting for Easter eggs around my house; I've already eaten one but I'm craving another. Inabizzle chaps, much love and Happy Easter! x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

When Does It Become "Wrong"?

I'm 17, as most of you will know, 18 very very soon. But obviously, all the sex I had with these guys was essentially illegal. I told all of them I was 18, so it was legal in their eyes. And when my parents found out, their main problem with it was because of the massive age difference and they were concerned about these guys' "intentions" with seeing me were.
Now, I guess to them, what all these blokes were seeing in me was a vulnerable young naive guy for them to mess about with and to take advantage of. To an extent I guess that's true. I always recognised that the reason older guys were interested in me was because of the pervy-ness of seeing someone so much younger than them. It doesn't bother me that much, but obviously my folks weren't happy with it.
But then I thought about it and flipped it on myself. Because right from the outset of me seeking sex with blokes, I never wanted to go for someone my own age. I always aimed higher. I don't know why. Quite honestly, I find older guys more attractive and sexy. Which is obviously why I met up with them. Feasibly, it wouldn't be the best idea to form a full relationship with someone 30 years older than me and I wouldn't be comfortable with that anyway.
And I also admit that having sex with all these blokes was not the right thing to do. I do wish I would have waited until I was in a loving relationship with someone to lose it to, instead of some random bloke who I only met 3 times.
So basically, I'm asking your opinion on this whole thing; if you're a young 'un, are you attracted to older gents like I am; if you're a older gent, are you attracted to young ruffians such as myself? I'll put a poll up about age differences as well to gauge your opinions.
Many thanks for following and checking the blog out everyone, I'm not the most religious of bloggers and your support is always welcome. Much love amigos x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

One Of Them Days

Spoken to Crushdude and he's so bloody sensible it drives me insane. We're both on the cusp of exam season so we're all cramming and revising for our exams, so he's buring his head in books like a ostrich.
It's typical him. He works CONSTANTLY. He's either working out equations, or his abs. Seriously, he's mental. I'm not like that at all, I really struggle to motivate myself, but I've done quite well this weekend.
Basically, he's not doing social activity until end of exams i.e. end of June. So we can't hang out until then. So I'm annoyed about that.
Also, you know when you've been working on a load of different things for ages, but the work you've done doesn't look that much, when in reality, it's actually a mammoth amount? Yeah I've had one of them days. Not cool. My brain and eyes hurt so now I'm going to go and watch some Little Britain and pig out in bed.
Hope you've all had a fucking awesome weekend dudes, much love! x

Friday, 15 April 2011

In The Most Biblical Sense...

But who isn't?

Little Monsters will know what I'm referring to here. Gaga's new single got rush-released today.
It's basically a revisit to Bad Romance; I was expecting something more flithy and new if I'm honest, slightly disappointed. It'll be good for parties and clubs and whatever, but it's not fantastic. The lyrics are clumsy and don't flow properly and there's not much original to scream about. Verdict:- Could be worse, but it could be a million times better. 

Sorry to torment everyone who despises Ms. Gaga with this post but I felt it deserved my brilliant intellectual opinion ;)
I have nothing to report. I've been pissed out of my face for the last two nights so I've been tramping around trying to get some sleep for the past 48 hours. Crushdude has come back from his trolly-holiday so I'll get in touch with him soon and sort out this meet-up soon. Excited!
Much love dudes, hope you're all safe and well x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Give Me An Ocsar Already!

Or some other fucking award for being the best actor on the planet cos my friends seem utterly convinced I'm really into this chick we've been hanging around with more lately.
"When you gonna stick it to her man? She well wants you, and you obv want her"
"When you gonna spread em and shag her dude? you well like her."
Err. No I fucking don't. But I must be doing a hell of a job playing the straight guy haha!

I mean, I'd shag her if I was drunk enough, she's fairly fit, but other than that, I'm not interested.
I have hetero days sometimes where I'm always gaming for the pussy and checking out women instead of guys, I don't know how that works but it just happens occassionally so they must have seen me on one of these days lol!
Hope you're all well and dandy mes amies, much love

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shower Thoughts

More convinced than ever that the shower was the place where all the great thinkers thought of all those great things.
Wow, that was a very intellectual use vocabulary (SARCASM)

I'm not sure even why I'm saying this to be quite honest. Just got out of the shower and I don't even know how long I've been in there for. I love showers; it's like regressing back to the womb or some comforting shit like that.

I've not even got anything intelligent to say to all! Just that showers are brilliant. Well, I did think of something poignant to do with my love life. But I forgot about it. Hah, convienient. I'll remember later and tell y'all with an edit on this post. Much love dudes x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Further Foreskin Banter
This blog is great for looking at seriously nice cocks with foreskins! Give it a whirl girlies.

Anyway, the reason I go back to the glorious topic of foreskins is because I was just thinking to myself
"Good golly gosh, I quite like having a foreskin!" in my stereotypical British accent that you're all reading this in now ( I love mind control!)
I know that the point of being circumcised is to keep it clean and shit, but it's not THAT difficult to get clean as a whistle under the hood; just do it in the shower every day.
Or for religious reasons. I don't understand why for that either really.
I'm going to put a poll up to find out what you all think of it, get voting lovers!
I'm on my holidays now so posts should be a little more frequent. In a bit sluts!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Back (Sort Of But Not Really)

I was pretty hasty before. Let's just say that posts will be fairly less frequent from now on, because of the usual work and time issues.
The real reason why I return is to say this.

I've been invited round to Crushdude's house sometime next week.
And I'm rather excited about it. It's the first time we'll have had a day on our own together properly so it'll be interesting to see how he acts around me in his own home and in private. Also, HE suggested it. So he wants to spend time with me, which is pretty awesome at any rate.

Hope you're all well dudes! x

Friday, 1 April 2011


Eek, not blogged for ages. To be honest though, I've nothing to blog about. Nothing interesting anyway. At the moment, I'm just caught up with a shedload of college work. And that's it. I'm on and off flirting with Crushguy but I'm fairly certain I won't pursue it. Don't want to ruin what I've got already. And I probably won't come out to people at my college. No point. Let them find out through Facebook later. Also, i've been a bit put off from blogging mainly because i've associated it with that phase of my life where I met up with loads of people; i mean that only ended recently, but it's something I want to move on from now and just forget about and i'm not sure that if I keep up the blog that I won't be able to fully move on from it.
So I guess this has turned into a goodbye post. Sorry if the blog's not moved in the direction you wanted it to, but it's detailed my life, and life never quite goes to plan does it lol
I do think it's best for me this way. I might return if there's a major development in something, but I doubt it to be honest.
Good luck one and all, and a final "much love".
See you around x