Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Checking In

Well hello there internet! It's been a while.
Yeah, I dropped off the map suddenly, never said a word. Sorry about that.
I reckoned it was time for me to leave the blog behind, and drop the past and all its shit - those who've been reading back will understand why I wanted to do this.
However, I'm alive, well, healthy, all that jazz, still single though.
At university and fucking loving it. Not quite out of the closet yet, but I've got an arm and a leg out there so some people know hah!
Lots has happened since my last post in July, I think it was? But now isn't the time for it.
Just thought I'd dropped by and see if anything changed.
And thank you very much for anyone who's emailed/twittered me praising the blog; it's been a labour of love really and I'm all gooey inside thinking that people have still been regularly reading it in my absence, so thanks guys, YOU DA BEST.
Peace out daddylovers. Keep it real x