Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Oppurtunity Revoked and Progression Halted - Fuck!

So the situation with this girl who I thought still liked me and I was thinking of giving it a go has flown by; she's back with her donkey-dicked guy and all of our friends have made it MEGA awkward between us so there's no chance basically lol. I know that she liked me Christmas-ish time but I didn't do anything about it. Next time I'll have to be more on the money and ready for an encounter haha! Also she's not into me anymore for whatever reason but she just isn't. I'm getting vibes haha which is GREAT. hah!

Also my oppurtunity to be a bit more free with myself is, well, gone ahah. I've found out this bitchy little shit of a girl is doing the same thing I'm doing in summer. I'll have to see whether I have to spend any time with her but I still don't like the idea that there'll be someone there who knows me you know? Unnerves me that she might find out things about me that my best friends back home don't even know. And I know that you might say "well you'll be with complete strangers anyway so what difference does it make?". It's different with strangers, I don't know why but I'd rather a stranger know my true sexuality than this person who I vaguely know.
Yep I'm a headcase, I know. You wouldn't be reading otherwise haha, enjoy the week fellas, much love.x


  1. That's crap - two bits of bad news in one day. My commiserations.

    Re girlfriend - Maybe the universe is trying to keep you on the gay-and-narrow. Kidding. Really out of my realm of expertise, as you know. :)

    Re summer-thing - actually that's far more of a PITA. I totally agree that it would have been so much better with a blank slate. Doesn't mean you can't do things, but there's more risk if you're not out to people who might find out. Remember though, it's your life and although some people might be a little upset finding out the less-good way, your life and happiness are more important. There's that saying "those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind". It's a good one.

    Any chance of doing summer-thing elsewhere?

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  3. You must be back by now surely. How did it go? Hope you're ok and had a good time.

  4. Somehow stumbled into your blog (I think I typed sleeping boner into google and ended up at your unavailable photo of one). I browsed it from last to first and thoroughly enjoyed it... you're real, fresh and charming, sexy and a hot fucker as well. And then the sudden stop to the blog. Concerning. Hope you're well, safe and having fun, Man. At least let us know you're safe?